Liberty County Sheriff's Office

"Protecting the streets of Liberty County"



Liberty County Law Enforcement is a Grand Theft Auto IV clan that operates on PC using the Grand Theft Auto IV mod LCPDFR. We are looking for dedicated individuals who are willing to learn and are ready to be the next crime stopper in Liberty County. 

Liberty County Law Enforcement (LCLE) is based off of the Kitsap County Sheriff's Office in Washington State. We feature 100% custom made vehicles, 100% custom made uniforms, 100% custom Computer Aided Dispatch, and other various custom modifications not available to the LCPD:FR community. Our clan Admins are from various walks of life. Our owner and Sheriff, C. Marlow, who is a Sheriff Cadet of five years with the Kitsap County Sheriff's Office and is a Loss Prevention Specialist. Our Undersheriff S. Lyon, who is an Armed Security Officer for the Department of Defense. Our Captain, D. Boston, who is an Emergency Medical Technician, Our Lieutenant J. Ford is a MP sergeant for the US Army. And last but not least, our Lieutenant, D. Lesperance, who is the head of our Technical Support Division, and is also a student pilot on fixed wing aircraft .

LCLE has Official Patrols every Friday at 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time. And Unofficial Patrols often every day.


       We will instill in you; Honor, Courage, and Commitment, All Liberty County Law Enforcement members are held to a higher standard. The badge they wear on their chest is a symbol that we stand together as the thin blue line between the community and those we protect them from.

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Administration Division